Mandrake System Customization (PC)

Actions to be done when the system starts up the first time after system generation.

Finalize bootstrap setup (Mandrake control center)
    StartMenu -> Configuration -> Other -> Mandrake Control Center

Cancel automatic start of `Aurora'
Aurora substitues the text system log message during bootstrap by nice images - at the disadvantage, that each message only appears for a short moment. Better have the old-fashioned text message sequence:
Boot -> Boot Config
Adapt Lilo menu of boot alternatives
Take care to push all suggested OK and Done buttons!
A mistake in these operations may result in system that cannot be booted. Be sure you have a system floppy before you go further!
Delay before booting default -> 15
To add / modify item to Lilo boot alternatives menu:
Add or Modify
Choices like label ... (name text)
Image /boot/vmlinuz
Root /dev/hdaN
Append  quiet
Video mode 788
Initrd /boot/initrd.img

Tidy up list of loaded packages(Mandrake control center)

Make sure date is set corretly

If date is not correct, files will be created with wrong time-stamp - possibly ahead of the real time; later on, utilities like tar may get upset with this ahead-of-time date:
To set correct date:     Ok

Import system customization files

Create `ext2' zip mount facility

Import files from zip disk

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