Mandrake System Customization (Laptop)

Actions to be done when the system starts up the first time after system generation.

Make sure date is set correctly

If date is not correct, files will be created with wrong time-stamp - possibly ahead of the real time; later on, utilities like tar may get upset with this ahead-of-time date:
To set correct date:     Ok

Finalize bootstrap setup (Mandrake control center)
    StartMenu -> Configuration -> Other -> Mandrake Control Center

Cancel automatic start of `Aurora'
Aurora substitues the text system log message during bootstrap by nice images - at the disadvantage, that each message only appears for a short moment. Better have the old-fashioned text message sequence:
Boot -> Boot Config
Adapt Lilo menu of boot alternatives
Take care to push all suggested OK and Done buttons!
A mistake in these operations may result in system that cannot be booted. Be sure you have a system floppy before you go further!
Delay before booting default -> 15
To add / modify item to Lilo boot alternatives menu:
Add or Modify
Choices like label ... (name text)
Image /boot/vmlinuz
Root /dev/hdaN
Append  quiet
Video mode 788
Initrd /boot/initrd.img

Import system customization files

Create `ext2' zip mount facility

Import files from zip disk

Patch mismatch in name of audio driver

cd /lib/modules/2.4.3-20mdk/kernel/drivers/sound
cp nm256_audio.o.gz nm256.o.gz

Tidy up list of loaded packages (Mandrake control center)

    StartMenu -> Configuration -> Other -> Mandrake Control Center
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